Brian McGinnis

Picture of Brian McGinnisan is a 9 year member of the Raleigh Fire Department. He moved from Illinois to Raleigh for the job in early 2008. During the Academy his wife decided she wanted a divorce. With no family, and now no wife, his fire academy class and his crews became his family. While his Fire Department Family was a great source for support in life, it wasn’t the most comfortable place to discuss more serious issues. He had a rough time assimilating to Station Life and the sometimes less than busy days with a crew that he didn’t quite jive with. And when personal life started to affect professional life, he needed a trusted friend to vent to and he learned how critical this was in life and how helpful it is! That’s why Brian McGinnis is excited and proud to be a founding member of the North Carolina Triangle Area Peer Support Team.

Brian is now married to his soul mate and has two amazing children who are his life!